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Reduce decrease in production

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Thanks to our devices for humidity control, it is possible to avoid the decrease in the production in the textile, printing and paper industry and in wood processing.


Thanks to our humidity control devices it is possible to avoid the breaking of the threads, which is a typical defect of hygroscopic materials such as wool, cotton and artifical fibers.

The application in the textile industry has brought a better efficiency of the machines and reduced electrostatic charges.

Mendizza has sorted out most of the problems caused by electrostatic charges in creels and warpers, optimizing the performance of the cards by installing humidity devices on the side of the machine.

We improved the efficiency of winders and spinners by increasing the air humidity, reducing the dust generated during the working process.


he paper supplied to printers is already treated by paper mills with RH (Relative Humidity) values of 50% and protected with a package suitable to preserve it from hygrometric variations.

Sometimes, if the air humidity is not correct, it becomes difficult to process the paper. On the contrary, if the air humidity is too low, the paper loses the right humidity rate for printing and use.

Inside factories there are many enemies to humidity: heating, air conditioning, high temperatures, air extractors etc.
If the humidity is variable, the paper can lose quality: when it’s too dry, the paper can break or change its dimensions.
Keeping constant humidity in storage zones and in printing rooms will avoid loss in the production.


Lack of humidity causes breakings or crackings in processed or semi-finished products. Fixing defective products generates additional costs on the production.

Wood is one of those materials which can be altered when the humidity is not regular.

For this reason, humidity control with Mendizza fog generating devices leads to huge benefits, avoiding the loss of production.
Humidity control preserves the natural features of wood.


Our Products

We develop specific solutions for our customers.
To reduce decrease in production we suggest these products:


The Nebbiasecca® Booster® is a system designed for industries: it does not require compressed air, but it works with water at high pressure (70 bar). [scopri di più...]


AKIMist® is the system recommended for medium/small areas and it generates high quality humidification, with a lower consumption compared to its competitors. [scopri di più...]

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