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Wine cellar humidification


Benché vi sia una consolidata conoscenza delle tecniche di condizionamento, nell’ambito delle cantine destinate alla maturazione e affinamento dei vini, ci sono talvolta delle difficoltà a mantenere nei locali, o in parte di essi, delle condizioni termo igrometriche ideali.


Maintaining the ideal hygro and thermometric conditions in the cellars for wine maturing and refining is often quite difficult.

The Nebbiasecca® (DryFog) system allows to mantain the ideal hygro and thermometric conditions: thanks to the double crushing of water drops, it ensures the optimal spreading of humidity, without the risk of wetting and condensation.

A single AKIjet® nozzle can stabilize the Relative Humidity %RH in a 100 m² room, through the input given by the high precision humidistat equipped with the system.

The small AKIMist® combines its humble presence with its high effectiveness: thanks to its dimensions (25 cm high) and its easy installation, it was chosen even for high-tech cellars, already provided with air-conditioning systems.

All of our customers have experienced a drastical reduction of the refilling, which was necessary to compensate the losses due to absorption by the wood barrels, and the consequent evaporation.

With proper humidification, we can avoid these problems, saving money and preserving the quality of the product at the same time.

For this reason, what you will get by investing in the installation of AKIMist® is a very fast result. The benefits brought in wood conservation by this system are preventing the deformation of the barrell’s staves and a significant improvement in energy consumption and environmental impact reduction.

This same cooling method is used to break down the temperature and eliminate fine dust in industries and in public areas.

Mendizza offers support for new projects or possible changes, in order to improve the performance of cellars and coopers.

Our systems are also available with a rental formula.


Our products

We develop specific solutions for our customers.
For the best wine cellar humidification we suggest these products:


The Nebbiasecca® Booster® is a system designed for industries: it does not require compressed air, but it works with water at high pressure (70 bar). [scopri di più...]


AKIMist® is the system recommended for medium/small areas and it generates high quality humidification, with a lower consumption compared to its competitors. [scopri di più...]

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