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Mendizza Srl was established in 1964.

Since 1993 the humidification divisions were introduced and later on, Mendizza introduced a system for water treatment. This system gradually replaced the textile division. Thanks to the acquisition of Nebbiasecca® and Akimist-Dryfog®, the Mendizza company became a leader in the field of local humidification specialized for the Italian textile industry.

Mendizza combines an excellent technical product (high quality nozzles and components produced in Europe) and a great expertise, with the main goal to satisfy the customers. Mendizza offers its expertise to evaluate each system and to create a customized project. It also helps the customer to choose the best types of material for the final product; further services are installation, checkups and maintenance.


The Early Days

In the early days the Gottero/Mendizza Company based its activities on the production and repair of textile accessories. In the following years they started trading textile machinery and accessories internationally.

New Identity

After the unfortunate passing of the co-owner Franca Mendizza, the company changed its name from Gottero/Mendizza to Mendizza, honouring her memory.


In these years, Mendizza went through various changes because of the growth and evolutions in the company. Starting as a corporation sole, it became a General Partnership, then a Limited Partnership and finally a Private Limited Company.


Mendizza is now able to develop the research, planning and creation of the final product, by independently managing its trade and marketing strategy.

The team

Since the beginning, the company experienced a slow but steady growth both in Italy and internationally. A team of specialists has been trained to perfection with the knowledge of Mendizza and can now provide a great service.

Mendizza has two divisions, operating in perfect synergy: the technical and commercial division brings the project to life, while the productive division designs and tests the product.
In the final stage, a group of highly experienced technicians install and test the systems.

The choice to offer a service that goes from design to implementation of the project has made it possible to meet the needs of customers in South America, New Zealand, as well as multiple installations throughout Europe.

Pier Franco e Riccardo Gottero
Mendizza S.r.l.

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