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Jollyfog 9 plant

Small, portable and easily transportable case

Its size and ease of placement allow it to be used as an independent humidification system for the diffusion of disinfestation, disinfection and odor abatement products.
It can also be used as a support for existing air conditioning systems where there is a temporary and/or localized lack of humidity or as an aroma diffuser or for the abatement of fine dust.

How Jollyfog 9 works

The traditional version is compressed air and, connected to an external compressor, can work with 1-4 nozzles. However, there is also a more “compact” model that has a small integrated electric compressor: being less “powerful” it therefore works only with 1 or at most 2 nozzles and is very practical to move.
The purpose of the system is to introduce a Nebbiasecca® micro fog mist into the area of ​​interest, necessary to convey the chemicals, essences in aqueous solution or simply water.

The devices are powered with compressed air, while the water and / or solution are contained in a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 9 liters. It only needs a connection to compressed air.

The flow rate is regulated by two pressure regulators which dose the pressure inside the tank and the delivery pressure which changes the flow rate.

The AKIMist® dispenser can house from one to four atomising nozzles which can each deliver up to 3.6 liters / hour of Nebbiasecca®.

Technical details

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Examples of use

Each of our projects is tailor-made using the products best suited to the specific needs of the customer.
For example, we can use Jollyfog 9 for the following applications:

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