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Preserve materials, semi-finished products and machinery

Static electricity removal

Why must static electricity be eliminated?

An unstable or too low humidity level often leads to an accumulation of static electricity in the air, this, in the event of discharges, causes damage to materials, semi-processed products and machines and this issue slows down and halts productions.

    Relative humidity over 50%

    No more electric charges

    Improve production process

Electrostatic charges

Our products

We develop specific solutions for our customers.
To reduce decrease in production we suggest these products:

Nebbiasecca® Booster ®

The Nebbiasecca® Booster® is a system designed for industries: it does not require compressed air, but it works with water at high pressure (70 bar).

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Nebbiasecca® AKIMist®

AKIMist® is the system recommended for medium/small areas and it generates high quality humidification, with a lower consumption compared to its competitors.

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