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Jollyfog 100 HP plant

Transportable, autonomous and with timer

Jollyfog 100 HP is a mobile humidification system with autonomous transportable trolley with fully painted frame. Due to its great working autonomy it could be used as an independent humidification system or as a support to existing air conditioning systems where there is a temporary and / or localized lack of humidity.

How Jollyfog 100 HP works

Equipped with an humidifier AKIMist® with one nozzle, it humidifies a volume of about 150-200 m³ corresponding to an area of ​​about 50 m².
With four nozzles it can cover an area of ​​approximately 200 m². It can also be used as a diffuser of aromas or chemicals products in aqueous solution.

Technical features:
Complete and "ready to use" kit which includes:

• Filter with 10 micron cartridge
• Trolley with fully painted frame, with 100L tank
• "Easy Line" pump with fine flow rate of 70 BAR
• ON / OFF switch and cyclic adjustment timer.
• Removable pole from 2m up to 4m high
• 2 KBN "LYOHM" nozzles with relative support, flow rate 5.6 l / h.

• Dry weight 45kg
• Dimension: 65x44x65 cm
A wide range of accessories is available

The autonomy of the humidifier depends on the amount of nozzles installed and the adjustment of their flow rate.
The trolley does not need to be connected to electricity, but only to compressed air.

Technical details

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Examples of use

Each of our projects is tailor-made using the products best suited to the specific needs of the customer.
For example, we can use Jollyfog 100 for the following applications:

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