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Nebbiafresca® Cooling PRO plant

The solution to control the temperature

Our Cooling PRO system implements adiabatic air conditioning and the air circulation lowers the temperature without fluids and with low power consumption. This is the ideal solution for cooling and reducing the heat in medium and big sized buildings.

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How Nebbiafresca® Cooling PRO works

The system is composed by a ventilation unit, a pump for water distribution and an aspiration system for air recirculating. The adiabatic cooling is based on physical characteristics of the air, which can contain a variable amount of water in the form of steam, depending on its temperature.

Higher is the temperature of the air, higher is the amount of vapor that it can absorb and viceversa. High temperature air absorbs water steam and its temperature decreases. The Cooling PRO system aspires and replaces the air, maintaining a constant level of humidity through the absorption of the calories in the environment.

The consumptions are very low: less than 1 Kw for 500 mq and it is useful to maintain a fresh, purified and pleasant environment, which improves the productivity, especially during the summer.


Nebbiafresca® PRO is installed by means of a fan that introduces fresh air from the outside, when this is not enough, a pump that nebulizes fresh water Nebbiafresca® PRO intervenes.

Technical details

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Fields of application

Each of our projects is tailor-made using the products best suited to the specific needs of the customer. For example, we can use Nebbiafresca® Cooling PRO for the following applications:

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