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Each product is designed and created to measure

Installation and Technical Testing

Installation and Technical Testing

The exclusiveness of our products together with the expertise of our technicians are the key points of our service and they allow us to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our humidification products utilise the state-of-art technology: the nozzles – heart of the system – are produced by the japanese company Ikeuchi and provided to us in an exclusive way for the italian market.

Excellent product and constant research and engineering: thanks to these two assets Mendizza can satisfy every need in the humidification field, in which we operate from more than 15 years, with more than 4.000 devices installed by our Company all over the world.

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Main applications

The main applications for our systems are:

Humidity on a single machine

In some environments the problem could be on a single machine: our solution is a nozzle directioned on the exact point where the humidity is needed.

Humidity on the material

Every material absorbs the environmental humidity. Thanks to the microdrops of 7 micron diameter and electronic control it is possible to reach high humidity levels

Humidity in production departments

Humidification of production departments is required for working process which need a constant rate of relative humidity (RH).

For this application, we usually recommend our Booster system, very efficient and cost saving.

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