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Reference technology in the field of humidification

Nebbiasecca® plants

Discover the Nebbiafresca® system

Nebbiasecca® systems represent the best technology in the humidification sector. Thanks to the quality of these systems it is possible to adapt them to every need, always guaranteeing reliability and low consumption.

Suitable for any use

Nebbiasecca® helps to improve the production process, to keep humidity, temperature and much more under control.


Nebbiasecca® systems are highly customizable. Our expert technicians will follow you to create the most suitable system for every situation.

Low energy consumption

With Nebbiasecca® it is possible to minimize any waste of water and energy, thanks to low consumption and the latest technologies applied to the nozzles.

Fixed installations

Fixed Nebbiasecca® systems are created after careful analysis with the technical team in order to find the best solution for every need.

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Portable installations

The portable Nebbiasecca® systems are the most practical. Perfect for public places or in case of irregular applications.

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DRYFOG: how it works

Dryfog – in italian “Nebbiasecca” is based on a japanese technology called AKIMist, which creates constant RH (Relative Humidity). Dryfog is present in italian factories with more than 2.500 devices in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. It is automatic, silent and reliable.

The atomizing unit is designed and built with cutting edge technology. Two converging jets containing a mix of compressed air and water collide, generating a mist of droplets, each with an average diameter of less than 10 microns.

At the heart of the system is the AKI Jet nozzle. Inside the nozzle, the compressed air is fed at low pressure and it atomizes water and generates an imperceptible mist. The atomizing unit is actually composed of two twin nozzles, whose respective jets collide at specifically designed times to ensure the distinctive Nebbiasecca second level of atomization.

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