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Jollyfog 18 plant

Portable midi tower

The best solution to make Nebbiasecca® AKIMist® dispensers autonomous and transportable is Jollyfog.

Its working autonomy allows it to be used as an independent humidification system or as a support to existing air conditioning systems where there is a temporary and / or localized lack of humidity.

How Jollyfog 18 works

The traditional version is compressed air and, connected to an external compressor, can work with 1-4 nozzles. However, there is also a more “compact” model that has a small integrated electric compressor: being less “powerful” it therefore works only with 1 or at most 2 nozzles and is very practical to move.
Equipped with an AKIMist® dispenser with one nozzle, it humidifies an air volume of about 150-200 m³ corresponding to an area of ​​about 50 m².

With four nozzles it can cover an area of ​​approximately 200 m². Jollyfog is suitable both for dispensing water only to humidify, and for water with various additives (such as disinfectants, aromas, lubricants, perfumes) which, with humidifiers, can be atomised in the environment.

Characteristics of the JollyFog 18

Autonomous trolley completely made of aluminum, containing 18 liter stainless steel tank for food, with safety connections.

Built-in telescopic arm maximum height up to 4.5 meters.

Control panel for flow rate regulation and fully pneumatic ignition, with automatic pressure relief at switch-off device (compressed air supply from 2 to 8 bar pressure)
Complete with storage tank with an autonomy of 18 liters.

On request it can be equipped with a pre-assembled Nebbiasecca dispenser with various nozzles. Thanks to the micro-drops, adjustable from 7 or 12 microns, the interpenetration on the materials and the diffusion of the product in the environment is extremely homogeneous and effective.

It supports one or more nozzles. Indispensable help to reduce electrostatic charges.

The trolley does not need to be connected to electricity, but only to compressed air.

Technical details

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Examples of use

Each of our projects is tailor-made using the products best suited to the specific needs of the customer.
For example, we can use Jollyfog 18 for the following applications:

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