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Removal of bad smells

Bad smells removal systems

Thanks to the water we can spray products which can activate the chemical process of shredding odor molecules, removing the smells immediately.

    Lower water consumption

    Lower environmental impact

    Humidity without wet effect

Our system

Our products

We develop specific solutions for our customers.
To remove the presence of bad odors we suggest these products:

Jollyfog 100

Jollyfog 100 is a portable humification system equipped with a trolley. It can work as an independent humidification system or as a support for climating plants wherever is present a temporary lack of humidity.

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Jollyfog 18

Jollyfog is the right solution to make the Nebbiasecca® AKIMist® devices autonomous and portable.

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Jollyfog 9

The Jollyfog 9 System is small and easy to be placed: it can be used as independent humidification device for the spreading of pest control products, disinfection and bad odor suppression.

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