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Nebbiasecca® AKImist® plant

The ideal system for small and medium spaces

AKIMist® is the system recommended for medium/small areas and it generates high quality humidification, with a lower consumption compared to its competitors. AKIMist® can spread out up to 16 liters of water mist per hour, thanks to its water crushing process.

Many advantages, one solution

Improvement of production processes in any sector

Effective temperature reduction

Dust suppression in suspension

Neutralization of odors and static electricity


Low energy consumption

How AKIMist® works

The atomizing unit is designed and built with cutting edge technology. Two converging jets containing a mix of compressed air and water collide, generating a mist of droplets, each with an average diameter of less than 10 microns. The above process ensures a highly homogeneous humidity distribution in the surrounding environment.
The mist produced is practically imperceptible to the touch. At the heart of the system is the AKI Jet nozzle. Inside the nozzle, the compressed air is fed at low pressure and it atomizes water and generates an imperceptible mist. The atomizing unit is actually composed of two twin nozzles, whose respective jets collide at specifically designed times to ensure the distinctive Nebbiasecca second level of atomization.


The nozzle is available in two versions:

  • AKI Jet 03C (High Quality), from 2,4 lt/h and a diameter of 7,5 microns per drop
  • AKI Jet 03B (High Flow), from 3,3 lt/h and a diameter of 12 microns per drop


The Teflon-coated nozzle allows for several advantages:

  • Superfine drop at 12 or 7 microns. This means increasing the humidity of the air without rusting, dripping, condensing on machines, people, materials or electronic parts.
  • High water flow. Up to 3.6 liters / hour of water for each nozzle, up to 14.4 liters per dispenser.
  • Optimal conditioning of the material. Thanks to the micro-drops produced by AKIMist®, a natural penetration into the material and recovery of humidity is obtained.
  • Simple installation. Only water and compressed air, no motors, no gears, no bearings, no electrical connections, no water drain connection.
  • Low weight. 1.3 kg per luminaire thanks to Japanese miniaturization technologies.

Technical details

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Fields of application

Each of our projects is tailor-made using the products best suited to the specific needs of the customer. For example, we can use Nebbiasecca® AKIMist® for the following applications:

Ikeuchi is our official collaborator for overseas market.

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