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Nebbiasecca® Ecopack® plant

The solution to reduce consumption

Nebbiasecca® Ecopack® is a low cost professional system. It does not require compressed air, but it works with water at high pressure (70 bar).
The system is recommended for medium/large areas as it features higher flow rates than conventional humidification systems.

Many advantages, one solution

Medium to large areas

Wide dispensing range

Low running costs

Low energy consumption

Easy installation

Possibility of expansion

How Nebbiasecca® Ecopack® works

Beyond its countless benefits, Ecopack has low operating costs, thanks to its high flow rate and a lower consumption compared to any other hudification system.
Water is brought to high pression by a special pump and then nebulized, crushed into little drops of few micron diameters, by special nozzles. Inside the module, a fan creates an air cushion which sustain and facilitate the spreading of microdrops in the environment. The system uses two control devices for each separate area: a humidostat and a control box that ensures the correct operation by monitoring relevant parameters.


The devices are modular, easy to install and designed for further expansion. The spraying units can be equipped with three different types of nozzles with varying flow rates of 20 or 32 lt per hour.

Technical details

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  • Ecopack III PLC

  • Ecopack III Duo PLC


Fields of application

Each of our projects is tailor-made using the products best suited to the specific needs of the customer.
For example, we can use Nebbiasecca® Ecopack for the following applications:

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