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Numerous businesses have a high influx of customers who must be protected in the best possible way against pathogens: beauty centers, dental offices, hairdressers, doctors' offices and ambulances are just some of the realities with a high risk of contamination.

The SANI-FOG case is the ideal disinfection system that can be used between one customer and another. Unlike other disinfection methods, it has a lasting effect and guarantees total elimination of contaminants.

Quick application

It only takes 1 minute to cover an area of ​​30m 3 .

No residue

No traces of residue after application.

Suitable for any environment

You can disinfect all environments, even the hardest to reach ones.

Quickly usable environment

As a result of the environment it returns usable after only 15 minutes.

Programmable timer

Schedule the briefcase to work when it suits you.

Integrated compressor

With the integrated compressor the case is ready-to-use.

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How it works?

SANI-FOG rapidly spreads a “dry fog” into the environment by atomising a mixture of water and disinfectant biocide agent (hydrogen peroxide). This aerosol spreads rapidly in the environment, on every cm3 of free surface present without generating corrosion, condensation and without leaving any residue.

This solution kills microbial loads and viruses 1 million times more effectively than traditional spraying and scrubbing systems. The huge amount of micro particles with sizes around 5µ, atomized with special supersonic air nozzles, exponentially increases the contact surface, amplifying the disinfection effect and greatly reducing the consumption of disinfectant product and contact times.

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Resolving against viruses, bacteria, molds and spores

The radicals released by hydrogen peroxide degrade DNA, RNA and bacterial / viral proteins. The small size of the disinfectant compounds increase the cytoplasmic nucleation effect of micro organisms, effectively leading them to decay. Furthermore, the rapid decay of OH radicals into H 2 O and O 2 makes the hydrogen peroxide used non-toxic, avoids the formation of volatile organic compounds and rapidly degrades (degradation above 99% in about 15 minutes).

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