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Applications for the wine sector

Optimize the production process

In natural cellars the humidity level is normally 70-80% throughout the year. On the contrary, in artificial cellars the humidity level is not regular and this creates problems in production, in terms of quality and weight loss. A too low humidity in full barrels worsens the evaporation of the product. If this happens during the aging process, it is necessary to top it with another product of a different quality. Furthermore, if the barrel is opened, the oxygenation of the content can be altered. In empty barrels irregular humidity is harmful and can destabilize the size and shape of the staves.

Limiting Quality and Weight Loss

By regulating the humidity level it is possible to limit the quality and weight loss of your products. Our devices find useful applications in the wine sector, in the textile industry and in the food industry.

Wine cellar humidification

The Nebbiasecca® (DryFog) system allows to mantain the ideal hygro and thermometric conditions: thanks to the double crushing of water drops, it ensures the optimal spreading of humidity, without the risk of wetting and condensation.

Decrease of waste products

The right humidity level ensures better quality and waste reduction. Indeed, an unstable or too low humidity level often damages materials and semi-processed products: this is the main cause to increase waste from the process.

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Wine industry

Nebbiasecca® BOOSTER

The Nebbiasecca® Booster® is a system designed for industries: it does not require compressed air, but it works with water at high pressure (70 bar).
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Nebbiasecca® AKIMist

AKIMist® is the system recommended for medium/small areas and it generates high quality humidification, with a lower consumption compared to its competitors.
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